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Healthcare Technology Innovations Can Drive Better Outcomes and Lower Costs; Shakeel Akhter

“When you go to a hospital for a treatment, on every visit either you present your previous test results and prescriptions to refresh your consultant’s memory or the hospital’s management presents your medical record file. These paper files can be destroyed by water, dust, fire or by paper worms. In general, patients or their attendants do not keep these in a safe-ways. A patient’s medical record is of vital importance, therefore, we needed a system that can save it forever.

Empowered Girls Causing Social Change in Communities

Aqsa is studying at the Government Girls High School in Badin. She became a part of the Interactive Research Development’s (IRD) Kiran Sitara Program in 2019. Aqsa is one of a thousand trained adolescent girls – Kiran Sitaras – in Badin who have continued to support their communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Being Benevolent In an Unjust World

‘Firdous – the most selfless and caring person in my life, taught me the real meaning of being generous. Firdous Liver Center is a gift from her to the entire nation to treat the patients of HCV, free of cost,’ Ishrat Hussain, a thoughtful husband from USA.

Growing to Serve More

In Pakistan where dealing with polio or epidemics such as dengue and hepatitis C has been quite troublesome, tackling Covid-19, a once-in-a-century scale pandemic has become a daunting task considering the abysmal condition of the health sector. Characterised by lack of proper