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Your Zakat my Lifeline

The Indus Hospital is providing essential healthcare services to almost 400,000 underserved patients per month across Pakistan, 70 percent of whom are Zakat eligible. You have for over 13 years helped us save millions of precious lives through your Zakat, Sadqat and donations.

Help us continue to provide absolutely free and quality healthcare services to all. Open you heart and be generous with donations and Zakat.

Ways to Donate

Donate Online
Pay your Zakat via our online portal
Bank Transfer
Directly deposit your Zakat at any bank in Pakistan near you or via an online transfer
Doorstep Collection
Call us for a safe and secure collection of your Zakat from your doorstep
Donation Collection Centers
Pay your Zakat in-person - Visit our collection centers at Korangi, DHA, Ayesha Manzil & University Road in Karachi
Donate Via SMS
Write "donation" and send it to 9880 to donate PKR 20 plus tax to The Indus Hospital

How Zakat is utilized at Indus Health Network

Based on the policy and guidelines provided by the IHN’s Shariah Supervisory Committee and Zakat Committee, Zakat fund is solely used for the treatment of the eligible patients – the Mustehqin. The disbursement of the fund is through a transparent process where the patient allows the Hospital to use Zakat for his/her treatment. To ensure our donors have visibility over the utilization of their Zakat, audited accounts are publically available

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Donate Now

  • Zakat

    From: 100.00

    More than 70% patients benefiting from our services are Zakat eligible. Open your heart. Be generous with your Zakat

  • Sponsor a Patient

    From: 100.00

    Cancer in children is curable. Help us save the next generation of Pakistan.

  • Sponsor a Hepatitis C Patient – Zakat


    14 Million Patients across Pakistan suffer from HCV. Help us, provide free of cost and quality treatment to  individuals suffering from this disease.

The Indus Hospital is a not-for-profit company registered under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. The company has tax exemptions under the Income Tax Ordinance 2001.