World Kidney Day

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Women’s renal health matters; Experts

World Kidney Day Celebrated at the Indus Hospital, Sheikh Saeed Memorial Campus

The Indus Hospital, Sheikh Saeed Memorial Campus celebrated World Kidney Day on March 8, 2018. This year’s theme is “Kidneys and women’s health – include, value and empower.” The experts stressed that kidneys are vital organs and women should take care of their kidneys. The event involved public awareness, educational, and screening activities.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects 10 per cent of the adult population worldwide. It is one of the top 20 causes of deaths in the world. It affects approximately 195 million women worldwide and it is currently the 8th leading cause of death in women. It causes approximately 600,000 deaths every year. Women have a higher risk of developing CKD than men. This year, medical practitioners are focusing on pregnancy-related renal diseases; urinary tract infections; connective tissue diseases; especially systemic lupus erythematosus.

During the event, Nephrologists explained that pregnancy could be a major cause of acute kidney diseases in women of childbearing age. Nutritionists informed that almost half of the people who have diabetes develop kidney diseases, therefore, diabetic patients should have regular tests to check their kidney functions. They also advised that patients should reduce their salt intake and limit the amount of processed food.

TIH’s health professionals conducted free screening for kidney diseases. Patient were assessed for BP and BMI. During the screening participants were asked questions and offered tests to check whether they already have kidney disease or they are at risk of developing it. Doctors also provided educational information about kidney disease and distributed informative flyers.

Dr. Ashar; Dr. Shoukat; Dr. Fahad; Dr. Haseena; Khalid Khan; Amjad; Faheem; Dr. Samia shuja, Dr. Aisha Wali; Dr. Farah Bari; Salma Siddiqui; Misbah Kamaran; Bushra Asif, Clinical Dietitian; Salma Siddiqui, Senior Clinical Nutritionist participated in the event.

Sheikh Saeed Memorial Campus is a full service gynecology and obstetrics facility. The facility was constructed by the Sheikh Saeed Memorial Trust and its management was handed over to The Indus Hospital in 2015.

The Indus Hospital provides inpatient services to acute and chronic kidney diseases patients; outpatient services; dialysis service. Approximately 100 patients benefit from the OPD service. Dialysis patients are served at TIH’s Korangi Campus or Al-Fakir Trust Campus, PIB Colony.

Korangi Campus has 15 dialysis machines while Al-Fakir Trust Campus has 20 dialysis machines. Currently, there are 130 registered patients and total dialysis treatments are around 400 per week. TIH also has one continuous renal replacement therapy dialysis machine which is specifically designed for critically ill patients.