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Novel tobacco and nicotine products are the greatest threat to this generation and the ones to come.

  • 5% of youth use some form of e-cigarette or vape – and this number is on the rise.
  • At least 1 in 5 tobacco vendors display novel products such as VELO in their stores across 8 cities in Pakistan.

  • There are no laws, regulations or restrictions on the production, advertising, sale and health warnings of these products in Pakistan.

As a signatory of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), it is the duty of the government to maintain strong regulations on these fast-changing products, of which the long-term consequences are still unknown. Without proper policy adoption and implementation, the health of millions of Pakistani youth is at risk.

Petition Form

Sign the petition to ask the government to ban the sale of all novel tobacco and nicotine products – protect our youth now!

    Our youth is an active target for the promotion of tobacco or nicotine products as less harmful products.

    Brands like Vaporesso and Velo promote their products as “free from tobacco”, presenting them as less risky options. Nevertheless, these products still contain nicotine and other unregulated chemicals that pose potential harm, especially to children in their developmental stages.

    In Pakistan, there is a scarcity of effective regulations pertaining to smokeless and novel tobacco products. Without comprehensive tobacco control policies, we will persistently witness lives being lost to these hazardous products masquerading as safer options.

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    • Is ‘Velo’ prevalent in Pakistan?, Global Tobacco Control
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