Head of Directorates

Dr. Syed Zafar Zaidi

Dr. Syed Zafar Zaidi / Executive Director

Academics and Projects Directorate
Dr. Akhtar Aziz Khan

Dr. Akhtar Aziz Khan / Special Advisor Technical to the CEO Office / Senior Consultant

Dr. Muhammad Amin Chinoy

Dr. Muhammad Amin Chinoy / Executive Director

Physical and Rehabilitation Directorate
Dr. Muhammad Shamvil Ashraf

Dr. Muhammad Shamvil Ashraf / Executive Director

Medical Services
Mr. Syed Shahab Akhtar

Mr. Syed Shahab Akhtar / Executive Director

Projects and Facilities
Mr. Ahson Tariq

Mr. Ahson Tariq / Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mashhood Rizvi

Mr. Mashhood Rizvi / Executive Director

Communications and Resource Development
Mr. Pervaiz Ahmed

Mr. Pervaiz Ahmed / Executive Director

Business Development
Dr. Wasif Shahzad

Dr. Wasif Shahzad / General Manager and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Shakeel Akhtar

Mr. Shakeel Akhtar / Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The Indus Health Network
Ms. Rashida J. Merchant

Ms. Rashida J. Merchant / Director – Nursing Services

The Indus Health Network
Saira Khowaja

Saira Khowaja / Executive Director

Global Health Directorate