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  • Zakat

    From: 100.00

    More than 70% patients benefiting from our services are Zakat eligible. Open your heart. Be generous with your Zakat

  • General Donation

    From: 100.00

    Your donation helps us provide free & quality healthcare to all communities in 52 districts across Pakistan

  • COVID-19

    From: 100.00

    Help us combat COVID-19 in Pakistan. Together we can beat Corona.

  • Sponsor a Patient

    From: 100.00

    Cancer in children is curable. Help us save the next generation of Pakistan.

  • Rabies Free Pakistan

    From: 100.00

    Help us make Pakistan free of Rabies. Our program neuters/spay & vaccinate stray dogs.

  • Brick for Life


    Donate a brick, be part of a legacy. Help build Pakistan’s largest tertiary care hospital in Karachi.

  • Sponsor a Transfusion for Thalessemia and Hemophelia patients


    Your donation can help us to provide a constant and safe blood supply to Thalassemia and Hemophilia patients who are in dire need.