• Firdos Liver Center

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    In memory of his wife Mrs. Firdos Hussain who suffered from Hepatitis, Mr. Ishrat Husain in collaboration with Indus Hospital & Health Network conceived the idea of establishing a center of excellence for patients suffering from liver diseases to receive free of cost, quality treatment in Pakistan. Mr. Ishart Hussain’s family pledged to sponsor the cost of construction and operation of the facility with the help of their friends and family members.

  • Flood Relief Zakat

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  • In The Loving Memory of Dr. Omair Kamal

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    A successful oncologist, a loving husband, and a caring friend; Dr. Omair Kamal lost the battle to renal cancer on Friday, August 20, 2021.

    Death leaves a vacuum behind, but the memories keep the name alive. Dr. Kamal might have left this world, but he will always live within our hearts because of his charismatic personality and unforgettable achievements. One of his most celebrated achievements during his career as an oncologist was his exceptional performance of the ‘First Bone Marrow Transplant’ at Loma Linda University Hospital, California.

    He was not only loved by his family and friends but he also left a mark on his patients. One of Dr. Omair Kamal’s patients remembered him with the words, ‘I called him my angel – his expertise answered questions that no one else could. He got me to the path of care I most desperately needed.’

    Graduating from Sindh Medical College in 2000, Dr. Kamal became a mentor for many Pakistani doctors from various medical colleges and helped them in their medical residency in the USA. We pray to the Almighty that may he be granted the highest place in Jannah with eternal peace, blessings, and mercy.

    In the loving memory of Dr. Omair Kamal and to honor his passion for the field of Oncology, we pledge to support the ‘Oncology wing at Indus Hospital & Health Network’ in Karachi, Pakistan. You can help us achieve this ambitious goal by donating to this noble cause of providing quality care free of cost to patients with different forms of cancer.