• Ayesha’s Calligraphies

     8,000 10,000

    Ayesha, a young girl of 12, sank into deep depression when she was initially diagnosed with cancer. Seeing her talent, her family and therapists at the IHHN encouraged her to paint, because it was only when Ayesha painted, one could see a glimpse of the old carefree girl, who was not burdened by the weight of the disease and an uncertain future. Ayesha loves to do calligraphy of her favorite AYAATS from the Holy Quran.

  • Bliss


    Hamna is a strong willed girl with great passion for painting. When Hamna was initially diagnosed with leukemia, she was taken aback by the disease, but her optimistic personality helped her during chemotherapy. Hamna loves painting the night sky in pretty hues of blue and also the full moon, which for her is a symbol of strength as it shines in all its glory after completing its cycle.

  • Group Artwork

     5,000 15,000

    The therapists at IHHN feel that art is the single most effective therapeutic tool for pediatric cancer patients because it provides hours of entertainment, distraction and a sense of achievement. Our therapists therefore encourage group art work where volunteers are invited to work with groups of children to create pieces of art. Group art work has the added benefit of being an icebreaker for young patients and we have witnessed many friendships start and bloom over pots of paints and canvases.