Indus Hospital’s Family Carnival 2016 (IHFC)

The Indus Hospital organized a family carnival at the PAF Museum on the 7th of February 2016. The carnival’s main aim was to raise awareness regarding the hospital’s mission and appeal to attendees to come together as donors supporting the noble cause. Dr. Abdul Bari Khan himself was present at the occasion, commenting, “It is truly a delight to see people coming and enjoying themselves while at the same time contributing towards the cause that the hospital was built upon.” In addition to the carnival, Pakistani cricketer Younis Khan’s bat was auctioned off for Rs. 2 million to an individual who preferred his name be withheld. The cricketer himself was present for the auction along with celebrity Zeba Bakhtiar. They visited every stall at the carnival to demonstrate their support.

ICON 2016

The ICON 2016, 3rd biennial conference, was a 2 day event held at the Karachi Marriot hotel from January 23rd to January 24th, 2016. The conference carried the tag line Quality care – a right, not a privilege. The conference was chaired by Professor Dr. Syed Kamran Ahmed, and Dr. M. Fareeduddin and Ms. Anila Jamshed served as conference secretaries. Dr. Altaf Ahmed and Dr. Sadaf Saeed chaired and co-chaired the Scientific Committee of ICON 2016, respectively. Along with the conference, pre-conference workshops were held from 16th to 21st January to convey skills.

Younis Khan Signs MoU with The Indus Hospital

Younis Khan visited The Indus Hospital in November 2015 for a MoU signing. The occasion signified the cricketer’s support and collaboration with the hospital in helping the poor and the needy, as well his own personal conviction to support the people of Pakistan. The cricketer upheld Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Iqbal’s vision for the nation and said he would do everything to bring it into reality. He further mentioned those suffering in the earth quake and flood stricken regions of the country and their need for an institution such as the Indus Hospital. He applauded the Indus hospital’s intention to start a branch in the region. He graced the occasion with visits to the children’s ward, taking photos with some of the young patients. Later he presented his bat to the hospital, mentioning to the media his own sister was afflicted with cancer and died without being able to find

The Indus Hospital Expansion Event at Avari 2015

The Indus hospital expansion event at Avari tower hosted a range of media outlets and discussed its expansion campaign. Notably the Phase I expansion campaign was elaborated on, a push that will take up the current 150 bed facility to 996 beds. The Phase I expansion plan is set to competition by 2018.  The hosts reiterated on Indus hospital’s commitment to provide quality health care to all, absolutely free of cost. The hospital’s current impact is 2000 monthly in-patients (those who need to be admitted to the hospital), and 21,000 out-patients or almost 1000 daily visits. The Phase I expansion plan to 996 beds will take capacity up to 3000+ daily visits. The final Phase II expansion plan will take capacity up to 1800 beds by 2024.