Indus University of Health Sciences

Indus University of Health Sciences

Indus University of Health Sciences aims to prepare a legacy of remarkable healthcare professionals and leaders who are ready to tackle health challenges facing the local & global health landscape with compassion, empathy and dignity.

The University’s objective is to provide the students evidence-based, and transformative education at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level.

The Indus University of Health Sciences received it charter through an act of the provincial assembly of Sindh in 2015. It encompasses seven colleges: Indus College of Nursing & Midwifery; Indus College of Medical Technology & Allied Health; Indus College of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation; Indus College of Public Health; Indus College of Medicine; Indus College of Dentistry and Indus College of Pharmacy.

At the Indus College of Dentistry, excellence in dentistry education will be delivered by leaders of the field to create empowered dental professionals through a state-of-the-art curriculum and technology. The Indus College of Dentistry will also include a well-structured and organized plan for practical learning for students.

The College will address the urgent demand for highly proficient dentists and oral health professionals in Pakistan creating an environment which will instill in students’ abilities to become confident, caring, morally and ethically charged dental professionals. The Indus College of Dentistry will deeply concern itself to inculcate in students the ability to critically think and apply their knowledge and skills in the best interest of the community regarding individualized oral health planning, intervention and outcome evaluation.

The Indus College of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, established in 2021, offers a five-year Doctor of Physical Therapy program. The program prepares competent, qualified and well trained physical and rehabilitation therapists to address a majority of health issues by bringing in the standardization and safety in the field.

Visit the College website for more information and admission details.

Indus College of Medical Technology & Allied Health started in 2016 in Karachi. Affiliated with the Jinnah Sindh Medical University, the College aims to train qualified medical laboratory technologists and allied health professionals to provide safe, skilled and efficient services to the patients. To college offers:

Two-year Diploma program in: Cardiology Technician; ICU & Anesthesia Technology; Operation Theater Technology; Radiology & Imaging Technology

One-year Certificate program in: Operation Theater Technician; Laboratory Technician; X-Ray Technician; Dialysis Technician; Pediatric Oncology Technician; Anesthesia Technician; Pharmacy Dispenser Technician

Four-year Bachelor program in: Radiological Imaging; Clinical Laboratory Sciences; Operation Theater Sciences; Respiratory Therapy & Critical Care

An Associate Degree in Blood Transfusion Medicine that aims to produce well-trained and skilled technologists in blood transfusion medicine.

For more information and admisssion details visit the ICMTAH website

Indus College of Nursing & Midwifery is the first academic unit of Indus University of Health Sciences, recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council. About 2,051 graduates passed out since establishment of ICoNM.

The College offers various programs from diploma to undergraduate level. The programs are designed and developed based on Pakistan Nursing Council; Higher Education Commission, Pakistan; and Dow University of Health Sciences’ guidelines, our programs prepare nurses to deliver the highest quality care that is guided by research, intellect, and passion.

Visit ICoNM website for more information and admission details.

Indus College of Family Medicine and Public Health aims to develop leadership in community healthcare through teaching and training family physicians, general practitioners, public health practitioners and healthcare researchers; bridging the gap and bringing together various stakeholders to strengthen and enhance quality of primary health care.

The College offers the following programs

  • Clinical Research Training Series – Protocol Development
  • Family Medicine Practice Training

For more information and admission details visit the College website

The College of Medicine will be a college of international standard and stature. The curriculum at the Indus College of Medicine will integrate the values of IHHN; diversity, commitment to the study and practice of medicine, research, advocacy, social justice, and compassion.

The curriculum will stress rational decision making and clinical problem solving based on an understanding of the basic biological, physical, and behavioral sciences; thus, the integration of basic and clinical sciences will be emphasized throughout the program, built on a model of continuous curricular innovation and improvement.

Indus College of Pharmacy aims to produce students who will become leaders in patient-oriented pharmaceutical care and who are empowered to go beyond the traditional pharmacy roles.

The College will offer five-year PharmD program, that will provide top clinical training at our leading medical campus, combining the best of student life, acclaimed faculty and cutting edge research and facilities. Expanding the theoretical knowledge for practical capacity building and application, the college will provide the necessary experience to the young professionals through continuing innovations in pharmaceutical sciences by adopting various research projects in pharmacogenomics, pharmacokinetics, protein-based drug designing and new drug formulations.


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