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The World Bank Delegation Visits Dr. Sikandar Ali Mandhro Civil Hospital Badin, Acknowledges Excellent Healthcare Initiatives

Badin, July 12, 2023 – A prominent delegation from the World Bank, comprising esteemed members including Dr. Karen, Dr. Supriya Madhavan, Dr. Anju Malhotra from the World Bank Washington DC, and Dr. Murtaza Noonari from the World Bank Pakistan office, recently concluded a visit to Dr. Sikandar Ali Mandhro Civil Hospital Badin (Dr. SAM-CHB) managed by Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN). The purpose of this visit was to conduct a thorough evaluation of the National Health Support Programme (NHSP) and the successful implementation of the Accelerated Action Plan in the hospital.

The World Bank is a renowned international financial institution committed to supporting low- and middle-income countries in their development endeavors through financial assistance, loans, and grants. With a vast network of 189 member countries, The World Bank comprises a diverse workforce from more than 170 nations, making it a truly global partnership. Operating across over 130 locations worldwide, the World Bank Group encompasses five institutions working to create sustainable solutions that alleviate poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

The team of World Bank representatives received a warm welcome from Dr. Mohammad Akhlaque Khan, Head of Campus; Dr. Sher Mohammad Nohrio, District Health Officer, Badin; and Dr. Seema Zafar, Faculty Chair and Head of Department, Obstetrics & Gynecology; who were all eager to showcase the achievements of the hospital.

During their visit, the World Bank delegation extensively examined the hospital’s infrastructure, medical facilities, and the overall delivery of healthcare services at Dr. SAM-CHB. The delegation was taken on a comprehensive tour of various hospital departments, including the Obstetrics & Gynecology (OBGYN) Emergency (ER), Family Planning services counter in the OBGYN department, labor room, well-baby nursery, sick baby nursery, Pediatrics wards, NSC-Nutrition Rehabilitation Centre, Play Area, Pathology Laboratory, Blood Bank, A&E Department-Reception and Triage Area, Pediatrics ER, Female ER, and Consultation Clinics Pharmacy.

One of the primary focal points of discussion during the visit revolved around the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (RMNCH) services offered by the institution. The World Bank team expressed keen interest in the Maternal Child Health (MCH) service care model of Indus Hospital & Health Network, particularly for district Badin, which is seen as a pioneering district for MCH care.

The Head of the campus shared valuable insights into the hub and spoke model of MCH care, recently initiated by IHHN in Dr. SAM-CHB Badin and three IHHN Primary Care sites in Badin. Plans are underway to replicate this model in four tertiary Hospitals and ten Rural Health Units (RHU) managed by the District Health Office (DHO) Badin, along with 23 Basic Health Units under PPHI SINDH – Karachi, which offers 24/7 labor room and MCH care facilities.

Furthermore, training is provided for IHHN-managed sites and fourteen DHO Badin-managed institutions to identify potential high-risk clients during Antenatal Clinics and facilitate referrals to Dr. SAM-CHB Badin/Taluka Hospital Matli and RHC Nindo.

The World Bank team lauded the efforts of Dr. Sikandar Ali Mandhro Civil Hospital Badin, under the management of IHHN, in effectively implementing Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health programs. The delegation appreciated IHHN’s dedication to enhancing healthcare access and quality.

We are impressed by the commitment and dedication demonstrated by IH&HN Management in improving healthcare access and quality. The visit has allowed us to better understand the on-ground realities and identify areas where further support and collaboration can be provided.”

The visit marked a significant milestone in strengthening the partnership between the World Bank and Dr. Sikandar Ali Mandhro Civil Hospital Badin, with the shared goal of advancing healthcare initiatives and improving the well-being of communities in the region.

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