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IHHN Organizes Seminar to Promote Maternal Nutrition

Indus Hospital & Health Network, organized a seminar jointly with Nutrition International in collaboration with Government of Pakistan, highlighting the significance of maternal nutrition. Nutrition International collaborates with the government to enhance the health of women and children by improving their access to essential nutrients.

The seminar aimed to equip healthcare professionals with valuable insights into ensuring the well-being of expecting mothers and their infants. Distinguished guest speakers, including Prof. Dr. Sonia Naqvi, Gynaecologist, Fertility Consultant and Mansoor Ahmed Soomro, Medical Marketing Specialist, Nutrition International, Islamabad, shared their research findings and insights, focusing on preventing anemia, micronutrient deficiencies, and obesity in women. It also focused on delivering evidence-based nutrition programs tailored to women, particularly during pregnancy.

This seminar was part of the “NourishMaa” campaign, a collaborative initiative between Nutrition International and the Government of Pakistan. It drew the participation of 58 healthcare professionals from various fields. Dr. Ashar Alam, Medical Director of IHHN, concluded the event by extending his best wishes for the success of Nutrition International’s “NourishMaa” campaign.

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