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Indus Yaqeen, News

IHHN Celebrates iHope’s 23rd Batch of Volunteers!

Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN) celebrated iHope Volunteer Program’s 23rd batch of volunteers on July 14, 2023. Participants included 78 students from various prestigious schools in Karachi, including Dawood Public School, Scholars Foundation, River Oaks Academy, Education Bay School, Reflection School, Foundation Public School, DHA College and School System, Haque Academy, Indus Academy, Cedar College & School, Bay View High School, Generations, and Beacon House.

During the program, the students were organized into four distinct groups: Rescuers, Healers, Protectors, and Helpers. They actively participated in a range of meaningful activities, encompassing ward visits, Art Therapy sessions, CPR & first aid training, and Fire-fighting training.

In addition to these engagements, the students also had the opportunity to attend several informative sessions led by esteemed individuals. These sessions covered significant topics such as Anti-tobacco Control and Advocacy, led by Shehroz Ahmed; the Art of Storytelling, led by Tazeen Hussain from Voices Against Tobacco; Responsible use of Social Media, led by Dr. Bilal Hassan; a Career Talk led by Mashhood Rizvi, the Executive Director of Communication & Resource Directorate at IHHN; and an inspiring Motivational Talk led by Imran Yousuf.

The students demonstrated their dedication by raising substantial funds for the benefit of patients at Indus Hospital & Health Network. Recognizing the impact of their contributions, one participant highlighted, “When you interact with the patients to whom this money goes to, you realize that even the smallest amount matters.”

The program concluded with a closing ceremony, where the students were honored for their exceptional community service. Each group presented their experiences, sharing heartfelt stories of inspiration.

Xyena Khan from the Helpers Group expressed admiration for a courageous girl named Sidra, whom she met in the cancer ward.

 “I met a girl in the cancer ward named Sidra who is by far the most courageous, motivational and bright person I’ve met. Those are the kind of qualities that successful people have. It amazed me that someone who has faced so many challenges can be so positive and driven still.”

Zoya Chughtai from the Rescuers Group recounted a touching encounter with a family affected by a child’s blood cancer.

“I remember there was a boy in the wards who was playing with the other children there. I started talking to his mother and I found out that his baby brother had blood cancer. The whole family had to relocate to Karachi for his treatment and his mother and siblings visited the hospital everyday while they figured out where to stay in Karachi. The illness that this one child was facing was impacting their whole family.”

In their speeches, the volunteers expressed how the experience had opened their eyes to the realities of life in Pakistan. They discovered that regardless of their age or professional background, they could make a positive difference in someone else’s life through simple acts of kindness and compassion.

Mir Shahnawaz Khan from the Healers Group, said, “You don’t need to be a doctor and have a specific degree to have a positive impact on other people. Just listening and giving time to a person can make a huge difference in lessening someone’s pain. In return, seeing the smile on the faces of patients brought a really positive impact in my life. That’s what we should work towards. Serving others.”

Zain Ali Pasha from the Protectors Group, said, “Indus has shown me a new perspective on how to value life. I would say that we really need to learn how to cherish life and count our blessings every day.”

The closing ceremony welcomed esteemed guests, including Dr. Farah Bari, Deputy General Manager and Head of Sheikh Saeed Medical Campus; Mr. Shakeel Akhtar, Chief Information Officer of IHHN; and Dr. Muhammad Fareeduddin, Chair of Pediatric Services at Indus Hospital – Korangi Campus.

Dr. Bari commended the students for their achievements and emphasized the importance of their contribution to society. “At Indus, we are committed to empowering the youth of Pakistan, as you are Pakistan’s hope for the future. Your experiences in this program have shown that you have achieved what we wanted from you including the habit of giving in your life; not just through funds but through smiles, respect, and various other forms of acts of services.”

She further urged the students to embody honesty, compassion, gratitude, and selflessness in their lives, emphasizing the significance of giving back to others. Dr. Bari concluded, “Indus’s vision and mission of caring for others is not limited to this hospital; it lives on through individuals like yourselves. As citizens of Pakistan, you have the power to bring a positive light to Pakistan’s name wherever you go.”

To commemorate their participation, the students were presented with certificates, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to the iHope Volunteer Program and Indus Hospital & Health Network.


The iHope Volunteer Program falls under the banner of Indus Yaqeen – a unique platform for the youth of Pakistan to empower them to shape the society we live in. In the iHope Program, students are given the opportunity to develop their leadership and problem-solving skills and learn invaluable life-long lessons of empathy and compassion. IHHN has been arranging this volunteer program since 2015.

The 23rd batch of iHope volunteers will join the program’s alumni network and become the future innovators and change-makers of Indus Hospital and Health Network.

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