Patient Assistance

Patient Assistance Fund

The Patient Assistance Fund helps patients who are admitted for critical or non-critical care at the Hospital. The Fund is segregated in Zakat and non-Zakat category based on the policy and guidelines provided by the Shariah Committee. The Patient Welfare Office ensures the Zakat and non-Zakat funds are allocated to the patients according to their eligibility.

Consider making your gift today to the Patient Assistance Fund and help provide life-changing benefits to the people in need.

Zakat Fund

The Shariah Supervisory Committee and Zakat Committee ensures that the funds received under Zakat Fund are disseminated to the eligible patients only. As the patient is first registered at the Hospital, the Patient Welfare Office assesses and allocates the patient treatment under Zakat Fund based on the Shariah Policy and Guidelines.

Non-Zakat Fund

The Non-Zakat Fund is set up to ensure indiscriminate provision of quality healthcare free of cost to anyone in need. Since its inception, The Indus Hospital has treated millions of under-served patients irrespective of their cast, creed, religion and culture.

The need for funds is never ending as the number of patients keeps increasing, thus any amount you can donate will be highly appreciated as these funds are used to treat patients who are not qualified for receiving Zakat.

All online payments are processed by Habib Bank Limited Internet Payment Gateway. Payment made through credit card is subject to 2.5% bank charges+FED. 

To pay Zakat online, ensure to calculate the actual amount to be paid online. Multiply the Zakat amount by 1.0257
(Zakat to be paid x 1.0257 = Actual amount to be paid by credit card).