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Program Overview

The Foundation Program in Pediatric Emergency Medicine (F-PEM) is a 1-year simulation-based, modular training program in Pediatric Emergency care. The program aims to equip physicians working in the emergency departments (EDs) with the fundamental knowledge and clinical expertise in the practice of pediatric emergency care. In addition, the physicians will learn pediatric resuscitation, history taking, and application of the conceptual framework of simulation-based modular education in a clinical setting. The program will consist of weekly sessions which will be facilitated by national and international leading experts in pediatric emergency medicine.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop knowledge and skills in Pediatric resuscitation.
  • Learn focused Emergency Pediatric history taking and physical examination.
  • Discuss specialty topics relevant to Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM).
  • Use conceptual framework of simulation-based education as applied in clinical setting.
  • Develop the knowledge, psychomotor skills and professional traits of safe PEM physicians by using blended learning techniques.
  • Provide highly specialized healthcare to infants and children including stabilization, triage, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

Affinity Learning

A simulated, web-based environment where learners have the opportunity to practice the application of their medical knowledge as well as enhance their decision-making understanding to further grow and develop their medical practical skills and knowledge. An interactive teaching and learning tool that uses images, video and audio recordings to simulate real-world experiences. Through self-evaluation, learners have the ability to evaluate their knowledge using inquiries with real-time feedback. Scoring can also be used to evaluate the performance of each individual learner as well as group of learners. Please visit Affinity Learning for more information.

Virtual Resus Room

VRR is an easy-to-use, collaborative, interactive and responsive medical teaching and learning tool that is used by educators and learners around the world. Dr. Sarah Foohey created the high quality simulation educational tool in May 2020 due to the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on in-person simulation training for University of Toronto CCFP-EM residents. It is an open-access and award-winning project that aims to make web-based simulation education easily accessible, valuable as well as fun for educators and learners alike.
Please visit Virtual Resus Room for more information.

F-PEM Assessment

Assessment would include pre and post-test that will be conducted for each of the 3 modules. These will be multiple choice questions and will cover the topics in that particular module. In addition, weekly formative assessments will be conducted through the Simulation platform used during each class. This will help in keeping track of the learner progress throughout the course of each module. The final score will be the cumulative sum of all the 3 post test results for those opting for the whole foundation program. For those who opt for only one or two module, the result will be for each module separately.

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For Admission

Starting Date: October 4, 2023
Last Date to Register: September 18, 2023

National Student's Fee Structure:

Step 01

Registration fee: PKR 2000 (non-refundable)
First: Pay Registration Fee
Second: Fill Registration Form

Step 02

Option 1
Full certificate (3 Modules and 4 workshops) PKR 100,000
Option 2
Each module separately (excluding workshops) PKR 40,000.
Candidates can enroll in up to 2 modules at a time. In case of opting for 3 modules, Option 1 will suffice.

International Student's Fee Structure:

Step 01:

Registration fee: US $ 10 (non-refundable)
First: Pay Registration Fee
Second: Fill Registration Form

Step 02:

Option 1

Full certificate (3 Modules and 4 workshops) USD $ 1500

Option 2

Each module separately (excluding workshops) USD $ 500

Candidates can enroll in up to 2 modules at a time. In case of opting for 3 modules, Option 1 will suffice.


For candidates applying from LMIC, a 50% fee waiver will be provided, applicable for the whole course (Option 1) and per module.

This will not include the in-person workshops. If the candidates are present in Pakistan at the time of the workshop, they will be able to join.

Course Directors

Dr. Jabeen Fayyaz
The Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
Dr. Syed Ghazanfar Saleem
Indus Hospital & Health Network (IHHN)

Course Co-Ordinators

Dr. Adeel Khatri(IHHN)
Dr. Saba Laila Aslam(IHHN)

F-PEM Faculty

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