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IPC for Peads oncology HCW


Infection prevention and control in pediatric oncology is a major challenge in Pakistan. To control and prevent infections in the pediatric oncology population, the Infection Control department of The Indus Hospital in collaboration with My Child Matters has organized a one-week program for pediatric oncology healthcare workers.


Topic will be covered:

· Requirements of infection prevention control (IPC) program and facility assessment
· Transmission based precautions aseptic technique: concepts and principles
· COVID-19 prevention and control
· Environmental cleaning and disinfection: best practices in resource-limiting settings
· Safe handle of linen in immunocompromised population
· Waste Management
· Construction and renovation in oncology unit


Who can apply:

Pediatric oncology healthcare workers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, and psycho-oncologist.


How to apply:

Click on the form
Last date to register: January 4, 2021


Program details:

· One-week online course (free)
· Daily one-hour class from 12:30 – 01:30 pm
· Session commencement: January 11-16, 2021
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For details please contact:

Bashir Ahmed — project coordinator, My Child Matters
Phone no: +92 345 1245 977
email: bashir.ahmed@tih.org.pk