For Healthcare Professionals

Education, training and research is an integral part of the Indus Hospital & Health Network. We offer Postgraduate Medical Education and wide array of Continuing Education programs for healthcare professionals. To further increase the knowledge base in the hospital and improving patient care, Indus Hospital Research Centre is focused to develop low cost effective solutions for the underprivileged communities.

Postgraduate Medical Education

We offer a range of residency and fellowship opportunities for healthcare professionals looking to advance their careers in clinical and professional education.

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Continuing Education

We offer regular continuing education programs for our medical, nursing & allied health staff to keep them updated with the changing trends in healthcare service.

The goal is to reinforce basic medical knowledge, develop, or increase the knowledge and skills for clinical practice and healthcare delivery, introduce new ideas, skills and technology and aware the team with new research findings.

Allied Health Training

Our Allied Health program is offered twice a year in the disciplines of laboratory technicians, radiology technicians and OT technicians. We aim to provide each student highest level of professional and safe environment to achieve academic and professional excellence in their area of expertise.

To apply:

Visit our careers section to apply for the programs offered each year in January and July.

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