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Prayers have the Power to change destiny

Timely care can be the difference between life and death – for our patients, your Zakat is their lifeline and their sincere and heartfelt prayers of gratitude are for you!

Give your zakat and donations generously and be blessed with the prayers of thousands of patients

  • New Hospital Building

    From:  5,000.00

    IHHN is building the largest free of cost, private hospital of Pakistan in Karachi. The grey structure of the new building is complete. Come forward and help us complete this hospital with your donations.

  • Zakat

    From:  100.00

    More than 70% patients benefiting from our services are Zakat eligible. Open your heart. Be generous with your Zakat

  • General Donation

    From:  100.00

    Your donation helps us provide free & quality healthcare to communities across Pakistan

Physical Rehabilitation & Pediatric Oncology

  • In The Loving Memory of Dr. Omair Kamal

    From:  100.00

    A successful oncologist, a loving husband, and a caring friend; Dr. Omair Kamal lost the battle to renal cancer on Friday, August 20, 2021.

    Death leaves a vacuum behind, but the memories keep the name alive. Dr. Kamal might have left this world, but he will always live within our hearts because of his charismatic personality and unforgettable achievements. One of his most celebrated achievements during his career as an oncologist was his exceptional performance of the ‘First Bone Marrow Transplant’ at Loma Linda University Hospital, California.

    He was not only loved by his family and friends but he also left a mark on his patients. One of Dr. Omair Kamal’s patients remembered him with the words, ‘I called him my angel – his expertise answered questions that no one else could. He got me to the path of care I most desperately needed.’

    Graduating from Sindh Medical College in 2000, Dr. Kamal became a mentor for many Pakistani doctors from various medical colleges and helped them in their medical residency in the USA. We pray to the Almighty that may he be granted the highest place in Jannah with eternal peace, blessings, and mercy.

    In the loving memory of Dr. Omair Kamal and to honor his passion for the field of Oncology, we pledge to support the ‘Oncology wing at Indus Hospital & Health Network’ in Karachi, Pakistan. You can help us achieve this ambitious goal by donating to this noble cause of providing quality care free of cost to patients with different forms of cancer.

  • Below Knee Artificial Limb


    When a person loses their leg below the knee, they lose the will and ability to participate in daily life. Donate, help a patient walk and live again.

  • Below Elbow Artificial Limb/TRP


    Some patients are born without a hand or forearm, or have lost them to amputation or disease. Donate, and help a patient resume performing their daily activities with ease.

  • Above Elbow Artificial Arm/THP


    Some patients are missing their arm above the elbow due to birth defect or disease. Donate, and help a patient resume performing their daily activities with ease.

  • Above Knee Artificial Limb/TFP


    When a person loses their leg above the knee, they lose the will and ability to participate in daily life. Donate, and help a patient walk and live again.

  • Full Artificial Limb/SDP


    Some patients are missing their arm as a result of congenital deformity or amputation. Donate, and help a patient resume performing their daily activities with ease.

  • Through Knee Limb/KDP


    Patients suffering from diseases like diabetes often must undergo limb amputation through their knee joint. Donate, and help a patient walk and live again.

  • Full Leg Support/KAFO


    Patients suffering from conditions like polio and muscle weakness need a device that supports their knee, ankle and foot. Donate, and help a patient walk confidently again.

  • Artificial Full Leg/HDP


    A person may be born missing a leg through their hip or lose it as a result of amputation. Donate, and help a patient walk and live again.

  • Foot Support/FO


    Some people experience pain and false movements when walking due to conditions like flat foot or plantar fasciitis. Donate, and help a patient walk confidently again.

  • Below The Foot Support/AFO


    Some people cannot control the motion and position of their ankle on their own. Donate, and help a patient keep up with daily activities without falling or stumbling.

  • ER Patient Visit


    Everyday over 100 children with cancer visit our ER. Help a child fight the life threatening disease. Sponsor an ER visit, donate now.

  • OPD Clinic Visit


    Early diagnosis and focused treatment are critical to fighting childhood cancer. Sponsor an OPD visit for a pediatric oncology patient.

  • Chemotherapy Session


    Sponsor a chemotherapy session for a child fighting cancer today. Help save a precious life.

  • Cancer TreatmentI(full)


    Sponsor full treatment of a child battling cancer including diagnostics, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and supportive treatment. Help save a life today.

Obs & Gynae/Maternal & Neonatal

  • Well-baby care:


    Even babies born on time need some healthcare and monitoring because they may face common newborn problems. Donate, and help ensure newborns are ready to go home

  • NICU stay


    Critically ill, very premature babies cannot survive without intensive care and specialist surgery. Donate, and help ensure a newborn’s survival.

  • Secondary care unit stay


    Premature babies are often born weak, needing support in helping their tiny bodies develop normally and fight off disorders. Donate, and help ensure a newborn’s survival.

  • OPD Clinic Visit


    Help a woman receive diagnosis and treatment for her gynecological complaints. Donate, so she can visit our consultants in our one-stop clinic.

  • Normal Delivery


    Help combat maternal mortality, and ensure that a mother can deliver her baby naturally in a safe and sanitary environment.

  • Gynae Major Surgery


    No woman should have to live with pain or treatable gynecological conditions. Fund a woman’s gynae major surgery and help her lead a better life.

  • Gynae Cancer Surgery


    Help us in the fight against gynecological cancer. Fund a woman’s cancer surgery so she can lead a cancer-free life.

  • Circumcision


    All Muslim boys undergo circumcision. Help fund a newborn boy’s circumcision, and save him from risk of UTIs, STDs and other foreskin-related disorders

  • C-Section


    Help combat maternal mortality, and ensure that a woman can deliver her baby safely in the hands of experienced doctors.

Rabies Free Pakistan & Other Products

  • Dog Vaccination and Sterilisation

    From:  100.00

    Support us to vaccinate dogs for Rabies and neuter them in an effort to reduce the spread of the deadly disease of Rabies in the city of Karachi

  • Rabies Vaccination

    From:  100.00

    Support to provide full coverage to a dog bite victim in order to protect them from contracting Rabies

  • Patients Meals


    At Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN), free of cost meals are provided to all patients during their stay at the hospital.

  • ER Visit


    Some events are unpredictable, plunging people in life-threatening emergencies. Donate, and help a patient obtain immediate, lifesaving emergency care.

  • Dialysis


    Patients with damaged kidneys cannot remove dangerous wastes from their body. Donate, and help a patient avoid imminent death through a dialysis session.

Ways to Donate

Donate Via SMS

Write “donation” and send it to 9880 to donate PKR 20 plus tax to Indus Hospital & Health Network

Bank Transfer

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Doorstep Collection

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