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Indus Hospital’s & Health Network Corporate Ambassador Program is a unique platform that brings together influential and inspirational leaders from the corporate sector, locally and internationally to build a legacy of support that will bring a paradigm shift in the healthcare service delivery in Pakistan.

Our corporate ambassadors are a group of exceptional supporters who have been instrumental in helping us evolve into Indus Health Network. Through this exclusive platform, we honor and celebrate these visionaries and their continuing legacy of strong and unfailing support. These inspiring change-makers will have the opportunity to take the lead, in collaboration with Indus Hospital & Health Network , to create innovative solutions, spread awareness and build capacity to provide free and quality healthcare to the communities across Pakistan.

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Join inspiring leaders in empowering communities to access free, indiscriminate, and quality healthcare services and in taking action to bring about a paradigm shift in the healthcare delivery system of Pakistan.

There are many ways you can get involved and raise funds to create a healthier Pakistan, amplify your impact and build your legacy. Learn more about the available options.

Sponsor any of our event or project such as our yearly golf tournament, awareness sessions, conference, seminar and many more.

You can also give donations for medical equipment that are currently required in our hospitals.
Start a fundraiser for Indus Hospital through any of the online platforms available, for your employees and customers. You can also organize marathons (walking or cycling), competitions (sports, online games, quizzes), dinners, or events and help us continue to serve thousands more.

Be the voice of The Indus Hospital. Proactively promote our mission and mobilize others within your network to join us in ensuring provision of free, indiscriminate, quality healthcare for all.

Choose the cause that matters the most to you and pledge to fight for it. It is an easy way to make a big impact on what concerns the most to you and develop a meaningful connection with the mission of The Indus Hospital.

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Workplace Giving:

Provide Indus Hospital an opportunity to set up kiosks in your premises to engage your employees for creating awareness about the Indus Health Network and raising funds in the form of Zakat, sadaqat and donations.

Matching Gifts:

Encourage your employees to give to the Indus Health Network and help save lives of patients. Incentivize your employees to donate by offering them to match the total donation amount and double or even triple the impact.

Corporate Skill Sharing:

Introduce and share best practices of your organizations to help us improve the skill sets of our employees in different areas through workshops, trainings, virtual sessions, etc.

Engage your marketing and/or corporate communication team to promote The Indus Hospital’s campaigns, events, projects on your organization’s social media platforms, corporate website, webinars, corporate newsletters/ emails, and/or corporate events/dinners to spread our message to your valued customer base.

Tie-in your product or service with our cause to create a marketing campaign that helps you achieve your organization’s objectives. Your Corporate Relationship Manager can help you design impactful campaigns that drive customer loyalty and sales through a meaningful connection.

We invite organizations to share with us innovative products and technological solutions to optimize our systems and processes, for serving our communities in a better and a more efficient way.

One of our corporate partners provided us with state-of-the-art equipment to optimize our PCR testing during the Coronavirus Pandemic and rapidly increase the number of tests being conducted per day. An innovative product such as this during the pandemic helped us increase our testing capacity when rapid and timely testing was the need of the hour.