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Once Bitten and Dead

Patient Story | Umar It was a typical day at the clinic: complex referrals, difficult diagnoses, and frequent power outages. Patients in the waiting area had been waiting for over two hours and were agitated and quarrelsome. In the midst of all this, the Emergency Department called me on my desk phone: “I have this 12-year-old boy with Rabies. What should I tell the parents?” “Oh, God,” I thought, “This is the most difficult task of the day.” I left the clinic

Three Generations of Love

“He was immobile, and at first, we were terrified he had passed away. We rushed him to a clinic, where they gave him an injection to try and stimulate movement. But unfortunately, he had gone from paralysis to a coma, and we were helpless to do anything. It is the worst feeling in the world, the inability to help your family and loved ones.” Rehan’s grandson Ata Ullah was an energetic child growing up in Turbat in Balochistan. He would constantly

The Guiding Torch of Hope

Rizwan Bashir was born and raised in Kalat, Balochistan. A free-spirited child, he was passionate about reading and writing. He would spend days immersed in books and writing stories. The village lacked basic educational facilities, so his parents would send him and his four brothers to another city for their education. Being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma Rizwan was 16-years old when he started feeling a stabbing pain in his leg. Soon, it had become so unbearable that he could barely breathe. At that time,

Unwavering Support – Waqar’s Story

Living with kidney disease is always going to be a burden on a person’s everyday life. For Waqar, however, it was more of a death sentence than anything else. Struggling to make ends meet Diagnosed close to two years ago with failing kidneys, the doctors in Multan informed him of the terrible news that he would need to go on dialysis to survive. Despite his best efforts and visiting medical professionals around the city, he was told the same thing: that he

Mohammad Maaz

A happy-go-lucky kid, Mohammad Maaz could usually be seen running around the house, chasing birds, and hopping from one room to the other.