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Our Stories


On a rocky elevated surface, in scorching heat and moist air, sat Abu Bakar with his younger siblings, anxiously waiting to witness the new talk of the town. Men in uniforms were setting registration tents on the shore, while women and children gathered behind covered canopy in groups not less than five. Everyone eagerly waited for the loud horn that would signal the arrival of the magnificent Boat. Not just any boat, but Pakistan’s First-Ever Boat Clinic by Indus Hospital

Aamir Ishrat – A story of a COVID-19 Survivor

“The only thing I could think about throughout the ambulance ride was – Will I come back home alive?” On April 25, 2020, Aamir Ishrat was struck with a mild fever and flu. Blaming it on the weather, he kept doing his usual tasks, not realizing how the next couple of days will unfold. Within the next few hours, his condition worsened. He lost his usual strength, felt dizzy, his fever spiked, and had difficulty in breathing. Within a matter of

The Islanders Have Hope

“I was born on Bhit Island a few years before Pakistan came into existence. I have called it my home ever since. I don’t remember if Baba, Bhit, and Shams islands had any healthcare facility.

Huda’s Story of Survival

“Whenever the hospital would call and tell us our Huda had gotten worse, I would just break down and pray that nothing happens to my daughter.” A complete surprise to her parents, baby Huda arrived prematurely. Unfortunately, the hospital where she was born had no oxygen for her to breathe properly. Desperate for help, Huda’s family looked everywhere. Then, they arrived at Indus and everything changed. As Huda’s condition was still poor, she was put on a ventilator for a week.


Surviving Cancer | The Story of Ayehsa Noor

Surviving Cancer | The Story of Ayehsa Noor “Ayesha was always friendly but quiet-natured, we were never too worried when it came to her because her good nature enabled her to make friends. One day, early 2018 we saw her limping and went into a state of shock and confusion, she had never had this problem before,” Ayesha’s father recalls as he looks at her daughter sitting beside her. Ayesha’s father upon noticing the limp hurried her to Indus Hospital in Korangi