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Simulation Workshop

Simulation Instructors’ Workshop

Simulation Instructors’ Workshop is a 3 day inter-professional workshop that offers an introduction to simulation based education. This is a hybrid of didactics and experiential learning with opportunities for participants to practice in a safe and non-judgmental virtual environment under the guidance of international and national experts in health-care simulation. The experience is made unique because this is an on-line workshop and therefore provides opportunity of participation without the limitation of distance. The next Simulation Instructors’ Workshop is the 3rd iteration of

Fund Gala At Salim Habib University

Salim Habib University hosted a Fund Gala to raise funds to support the flood relief efforts of IHHN. The event was held on the huge purpose-built campus of the University. It was a well-organized event, and the student’s enthusiasm to raise funds for this noble cause shone through as they worked hard to ensure everything ran smoothly.

“Among My Own” – The Untold Stories

Indus Hospital & health Network (IHHN) recently celebrated the launch of the book Among My Own by Dr. Naseem Salahuddin, Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases at IHHN. Filled with countless stories mined from her career as a practicing physician, the book captures the human side of medicine including the good, the bad, and the utterly bizarre. In recounting Dr. Salahuddin’s interactions with patients, who range from the extremely wealthy to those who don’t even have a single rupee to

Cradling her last hope-Taj Bibi’s story

There is a sea of mosquitos swarming near the tents. The air is hot and the temperature is 40 degrees. There are hundreds of children who are roaming around without any proper clothes or shoes on their bodies. Most of them belong to families who have just fled the neighboring villages in interior Sindh to escape the catastrophic floods caused by the heavy monsoon.