A Survivor’s Tale

28 years old Muneer is a happy-go-lucky guy. He usually looks content but when he comes across any young patient his happiness starts fading away. Sad part is that, it happens quite often, as he works at a hospital and while coming to work or leaving for home, he has to pass through people suffering with illnesses. Unfortunately, children make a big number in this equation.

Seeing those young patients, reminds Muneer of his own illness. He is a cancer survivor. When he was studying in Maric, he started having unusual spells of fever and cough. Without any apparent reason he lost weight. His parents took him to a homeopathic doctor and started treatment but it did not improve his condition.

He remember it was 2004 when he realized that there’s an abnormal growth of mass on his neck. Fearfully, he informed his family. Now they got concerned and Muneer’s uncle took him to an MBBS doctor who guessed that it might be cancerous. The thought was scary not only because of the disease itself but they knew that the treatment is beyond their resources. While searching for a cheap treatment they found out about the Children Cancer Hospital, a free healthcare facility for children suffering with cancer.

Muneer remembers that Dr Shamvil Ashraf and Dr Asim Qidwai saw him and did some tests. To his horror, they found out that he had stage II Hodgkins Lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system, which destroys the immune system.

The painful illness and cumbersome treatment took a heavy toll on Muneer. He had to leave studies and be at home so that he does not catch any infection. Luckily, his treatment was succesful and he survived the lethal disease after one year’s continuous struggle.

After regaining strenght, Muneer started studying and completed M. Com, Finance. He feels grateful to the Indus Hospital and the only way to pay back was to work for it. Muneer joined the Indus Hospital and is now working as the Supply Chanin Officer.

The healthy young man is not only working for the Indus Hospital but he has become an advocate of the cause.