May, 2020 | The Indus Hospital - Part 4

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Shabeeran’s Road to Recovery

Shabeeran’s Road to Recovery Shabeeran can’t imagine that a small accident could make her literally disabled. In her surroundings, people have fallen from motor bikes but they never had such major injuries. She sometimes wonder why it happened! It was a bright sunny day of June. 24-year-old Shabeeran had an invitation for a function from her maternal side. Nasim Ali, her husband, was going to drop her at her relative’s place. He was riding the motor bike and Shabeeran was sitting behind

The Fight I Won

The Fight I Won It was a busy day at work. Natasha was dead-tired as she stood the whole day grooming her customers at the salon. Her fiancé came to pick her up. She was desperately looking forward to a good meal and peaceful sleep but life had a different plan for her. As Natasha and her fiancé were crossing a busy roundabout, a water tanker hit their bike, leaving her severely injured and her fiancé dead. She was immediately transported to