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Once Bitten and Dead

It was a usual day at the clinic: complex referrals, difficult diagnoses and frequent power shutdowns. Patients in the waiting area had been waiting for over two hours and were agitated and quarrelsome. In the midst of all this, I got a call on the desk phone from the Emergency Department: “I have this 12-year-old boy with rabies. What should I tell the parents?” “Oh, God”, I thought, “This is the most difficult task of the day. I left the clinic

Healing the Healers

Patients look towards doctors and others healthcare professionals for help during diseases. Most of the time, they get healthy but they share their burden and sometimes diseases too with those messiahs. This physical and mental stress results in burnout and depression, and sometime catching

Empowering Midwives is to Empower Women

Bhong, Rahimyar Khan: On May 5th each year, midwives, women, girls, partners and supporters of midwives and midwifery globally come together to celebrate the International Day of the Midwife-a day to celebrate the achievements of midwives and their contribution to improving reproductive,

“My son is alive because of your generosity”, Gul Zaman

“My son is alive because of your generosity”, Gul Zaman While going through the Indus Hospital’s Facebook Page, we noticed a comment. It wasn’t a paid comment, neither he was an influencer. Then who was he? Gul Zaman is the father of a cancer survivor. He was pleading people to donate for the Indus Hospital because he knows if the hospital has resources, children could be saved from untimely death. Gul Zaman is a graduate, living in Ziarat, Baluchistan. He teaches in a

We are living a thousand lives each day!

We are living a thousand lives each day! “We deal with suspected and confirmed COVID cases all day long, donning and doffing our personal protective equipment (PPE), going through the laborious routine of breathing through an N95 mask, which we are fortunate enough to have, while some of colleagues across Pakistan aren’t. Yet we are fearful. Our worst fear is taking it back home to our families, our loved ones. We are isolating ourselves because as doctors and healthcare providers, we

The Odds Were in My Favor, Abdur Rahman

The Odds Were in My Favor, Abdur Rahman “I was declared DNR – Do Not Resuscitate. The doctors didn’t tell me but I could sense it. I started crying. Physically I was unable to move but my mind was functional. A sense of gloom and anguish engulfed me. It seemed I would never see my children again. I was missing all my family and friends. I was thinking about the plans which won’t be materialized. I never thought of dying in

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time “The two toughest times of my life were when she was diagnosed with cancer and when the doctor told me that they had to amputate her leg”, Abid Ahmed said. Abid was narrating the heart-wrenching story of Ayesha. “I live in Hyderabad and work as a rice distributor. I have six children, and Ayesha is the second last in her siblings. She was five when we noticed that she started limping. We took her to nearby doctors