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“Prayers Gave Me Strength And Kept My Spirits High To Fight COVID-19”, Unzala Erum

Unzala Erum, a nurse at The Indus Hospital has been working in the COVID-19 Emergency Room since day one, fighting this great battle against COVID-19 day and night.   Despite the strict precautions and protective gear, Unzala contracted COVID-19. She went into isolation for 14 days and self-administered her treatment. Following that, she was given three diagnostic tests 24 hours apart. When all 3 came back negative, she immediately returned to work. She relates

An Odyssey Of The Team In The COVID-19 Ward

She is going, blood pressures and oxygen are not responding on maximum drugs and ventilatory support, her peripheries are cold and blue. Her pulse is falling, the team working endlessly on the patient throughout the night  Doctor, “Let her go, we have tried everything. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation will not achieve anything and increase the risk of aerosolization and exposure to health care workers. Straight line……. P

When Other Hospitals Treated COVID Positive Mom as an Untouchable

“My wife, Uzma was pregnant with my second baby when she got COVID-19 from me. I am a cardiologist and am employed with a public hospital. Despite taking all the safety measures I caught Corona and transferred it to my wife.”  Dr. Akbar was telling his wife’s story who was denied of birthing from the hospital where she was registered. Dr. Akbar said, “I was deputed at the government hospital in Karachi. After COVID-19 outbreak I

Act Responsibly as Ignorance Could be Fatal

Dr. Sama Mukhtar Associate Consultant Emergency Medicine, Indus Hospital. My kids call this device Star Troopers-inspired. Try breathing through it, live a day through it, periodically lift it off the nose because you don’t want to risk fracturing your nasal septum. 3M Is the new LV!!! The prismic pressure bruise left on the face is something to live by. It never crossed my mind that I shall live through a pandemic. Never had I imagined that we would be making history in 2020

Silence Can Kill, Talk About It

Life was already tough for Aaliya who was born in a poor family of Tando Saeed Khan – a small town in Sindh. Her father married her off at a young age, to ease his financial burden. Her husband was quite older than her and was barely making his ends meet. Along with other issues, Ramzan – Aaliya’s husband – used to take drugs. Unlike her fellow women, Aaliya has a progressive and practical approach towards life, so knowing the fate

Don’t Let Fear Prevent You from living

The Community Engagement Centre’s community health workers (CHW) met Nazia on a visit to a local community. At the time, Nazia was very unwell – she was suffering from Hepatitis C. She sought treatment from several places, including a hospital in Hyderabad, however her condition never improved so she gave up treatment completely. The CHWs conducted a detailed dialogue with her about her experience of Hepatitis C and how free treatment is being offered at the nearby Primary Care Clinic.

I Battled TB

Ruqaiya is a resident of Lyari, Karachi. Before her marriage, she worked as a Community Health Worker. After her marriage, she worked as a maid in order to support her family. When Ruqaiya was diagnosed with Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis, she fell into denial. The diagnosis had many adverse effects on her physical and mental health along with her social life. She had to quit her job and after some months of treatment, she began to lose her hearing – a common

Overcoming Clubfoot: A Father’s Story

Muhammad Imran belongs to Rahimyar Khan.  The family is consisted of Imran, his wife, and their three children. The unfortunate family suffers with clubfoot.  According to Imran, “I was unable to walk much when I was young. As I would walk slowly, I was constantly ridiculed by other children. They would say ‘What would become of him?’ This is how time passed. Then I grew up and got married with a clubfoot girl. I am blessed with three


Rising up, Back On the Street

A man who is the provider for his wife and two young daughters, can’t afford to sit home without any employment or business. Life could become a nightmare for such unfortunate people and especially if they are disabled. One such case was of Mohammad Shahid. 41 years old Shahid was a cardboard collector, with a small warehouse in New Karachi. Things were as okay as they could be for a poor man until he met with a small accident. Initially,