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Maheen Khan Donates Customized Masks To Fight COVID -19

Karachi The Indus Hospital is proud to highlight the efforts of one of it its greatest supporter, Maheen Khan.The reputable Fashion designer and owner of Gulabo is recognized not just in Pakistan but has made a commendable name in the international forum. Although she is highlighted for her elegance and uniqueness in the fashion industry, we at TIH want to recognize her for her philanthropy.

Fight COVID-19 the Indus Way

Karachi Since the first COVID-19 case was reported in Karachi, Pakistan, on February 26, 2020, the Indus Hospital has scaled up its efforts and devised strategies to contain the epidemic in the city. A need was felt to have clinical discussions with front line doctors dealing with hospitalized COVID cases in other centers at a national level with the aim of improving understanding of the disease process and build standardized evidence based treatment protocols.

The Indus Hospital’s Coronavirus Testing Capacity Set to Expand Rapidly

Karachi A well-prepared and well-equipped laboratory is the first line of defense against COVID-19. Recognizing the urgent need for accurate and safe testing The Indus Hospital’s BSL 3 Laboratory has come forward to host the testing service for the patients coming to any of the Indus Health Network’s healthcare facilities as well as supporting the Government’s requirements.

In the Time of COVID-19 Donating Blood is More Essential

Karachi The COVID-19 pandemic has multiple effects on the healthcare sector, shortage of blood donation was one of them. Social distancing, avoiding unnecessary movement, and lockdown resulted in the lack of blood donations. The Indus Hospital’s blood bank is one of the most advanced blood centers of the country which follows international standards and receive 100 voluntary blood donation.

The Indus Health Networks Mobile X-ray Vans Bring Tuberculosis and COVID-19 Testing Facility at your Doorstep

Karachi The Indus Health Network’s Global Health Directorate (IHN-GHD) and IRD Pakistan have partnered together to implement innovative TB initiatives across Pakistan in partnership with the public and private sectors.The program runs 51 TB mobile vans across the country that are mobilized in the community as well as private and public hospitals to screen for Tuberculosis.