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Innovative TB trial starts in Sindh province, Pakistan

The international medical humanitarian organizations Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and Interactive Research and Development (IRD) announced today the start of a clinical trial in Pakistan that aims to find better, shorter treatments against multidrug-resistant forms of tuberculosis (MDR-TB). The endTB trial is a phase III randomized controlled trial comparing 5 new treatment regimens against MDR-TB which contain two of the three new TB drugs developed in recent years, bedaquiline and delamanid, in combination with other existing oral

Pakistani Celebrities Show Support for the Indus Hospital’s Cause

Karachi, Pakistan October 24, 2019 Artist have the most sensitive souls. They deeply feel the pain and joys of life and portray these emotions through their characters, songs, and other mediums of expression. Their performance not only provide entertainment but it also shapes the societal conscience. Because of their power to influence people, many artists are becoming champions of social causes and they consider it their responsibility to help reform the society and support their fellow beings. Some of Pakistan’s most inspirational celebrities

Free Training for Parents of Children Suffering with Hearing Impairment

Karachi, Pakistan October 22, 2019  The Indus Hospital’s Audiologist and Speech Language Therapist (ASLT) team organized the first parent training session on Thursday, October 17, 2019. It was an initiative for the parents of children with hearing impairment and the theme was ‘Journey from sounds to words’. The session focused on training the parents regarding amplification devices, their usage, care, maintenance, as well as on how to develop their children’s hearing and verbal skills through available resources at home. Parents were also provided

The Indus Hospital Installs Magnetic Resonance Imaging Machine

Karachi, Pakistan October 18, 2019 The Indus Hospital is proud to announce the installation of its first MRI machine in the Korangi Campus, Karachi. The machine has been functional from September 2019. MRI uses a powerful magnetic field and a series of radio wave energy pulses to produce detailed images of structures inside the body. It is a safe and painless procedure. The images produced help in examining the internal parts of the body to aid in diagnosis of diseases. The establishment of MRI

The Indus Health Network Collaborates in 2019 Long Lasting Insecticidal Treated Nets Mass distribution campaign to Fight Malaria in 23 districts of Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Merged Districts

Karachi, Pakistan October 18, 2019 Malaria is a vector born disease transmitted from infected person to another through mosquito bite. Without prompt and effective treatment, Malaria patients can develop life threatening complications. Malaria can infect anyone, but children under five years and pregnant women are most vulnerable. In Pakistan, out of the 220 million, 123 million people live in 72 high malaria endemic districts including 34 hyper-endemic districts. These72 districts are located in Baluchistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, tribal areas and Sindh. The Global

The Indus Hospital Celebrates Pediatric Nurses Week

October 11, 2019 Karachi, Pakistan Hospitalization could be a strenuous and distressful event for any patient especially for children. Healthcare professionals especially nurses make sure to help them overcome their fear and diseases. Every year, one week of the months October is observed  to celebrate as Pediatric Nurses Week, Internationally. This year October 7 – 11 is dedicated to recognize the commitment, efforts, and achievements of nurses who provide care for pediatric patients. During the week, the Indus Hospital’s Nursing Management  organized several activities to