Monthly Archives: November 2018

HBL Supports Indus Health Network in Bringing About a Social Change through Healthcare

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) and its employees raised funds to support Indus Health Network’s expansion programme ‘Brick for Life’. The event was held on November 29, 2018. It was part of HBL’s corporate social responsibility. Dr Abdul Bari Khan, CEO Indus Health Network (IHN); Mr Yunis Hashim Bengali, Chairman of the Board, IHN; and Mr Ahson Tariq, Chief Financial Officer, IHN were present. The fundraising activity was simultaneously held at HBL Plaza, HBL Tower, and HBL Annexe.

Managing Director Sindh Enterprise Development Fund Visits the Indus Hospital

Mr Mehboob Ul Haq, Managing Director, Sindh Enterprise Development Fund, Government of Sindh, visited the Indus Hospital, Korangi. Dr Abdul Bari Khan, Chief Executive Officer, Indus Health Network welcomed him. During the meeting, he and TIH team discussed the proposal for acquiring land in the Education City. Mr Mehboob Ul Haq was taken on a campus tour. He was delighted to see TIH’s healthcare facilities and appreciated its contribution for humanity. He also assured of his support in forwarding TIH’s

I Found My True Calling; Dr Feraz Rahman

I Found My True Calling; Dr Feraz Rahman ‘Over 50 per cent of women trying to conceive can get pregnant within two years’ said Dr Feraz Rahman, while explaining the procedure to the treatment of uterine fibroid embolization.