Our Team

Head of Departments

Dr. Abdul Bari Khan Chief Executive Officer CEO Secretariat
Dr. Syed Zafar Zaidi Executive Director Academics and Projects Directorate
Dr. Muhammad Amin Chinoy Executive Director Physical and Rehabilitation Directorate
Dr. Akhtar Aziz Khan Special Advisor Technical/ Senior Consultant Anesthesiology
Muhammad Farooq Administrator, Al Fakir Trust Hospital Administration
Rehan Kashif General Manager Finance
Amna Imtiaz Head of the Department Planning and Design
Dr. Waseem Ali Senior Consultant/ Head General Surgery
Dr. Lubna Samad Senior Consultant/ Head Pediatric Surgery
Dr. Ashar Alam Medical Director Medical Directorate
Aslam Shah Senior Manager, Pharmacy and Purchase Supply Chain
Dr. Altaf Ahmed Director Infection Control
Dr. Mansoor Ali Khan Senior Consultant/ Chair Faculty Orthopedics
Dr. Farhana Amanullah Chief Consultant/ Head Pediatric Nephrology
Dr. Naseem Salahuddin Senior Consultant/ Head Infectious Diseases
Dr. Yousuf Memon Consultant/ Head Radiology
Dr. Sajid Dhakam Chair, Cardiac Services Cardiac Services
Dr. Ghina Shamim Shamsi Consultant/ Head PGME Post Graduate Medical Education
Dr. Muhammad Ali Taj Consultant / Head Endoscopy
Dr. Wasif Shahzad General Manager and Chief Operating Officer Operations
Dr. Anjum Naveed Senior Consultant / Head ENT
Ana Mukhtar Manager Laboratory
Ahson Tariq Chief Financial Officer FINANCE
Dr. Naila Baig Ansari Chair, IHRC Indus Hospital Research Center
Syed Waseem Ahmed Senior Manager Supply Chain
Dr. Hiba Ashraf Consultant Family Medicine / Head Family Medicine
Dr. Muhammad Fareeduddin Consultant/ Head Pediatrics
Yasmeen Altaf Assistant Manager Nursing
Syed Sohaib Shams Senior Manager Health Informatics
Dr. Saba Jamal Director Lab and Blood Center Blood Center
Dr. Ahsan Jamil Senior Manager Clinical Affairs
Abdul Basit Chief Internal Auditor Internal Audit
Dr. Muhammad Shamvil Ashraf Executive Director, Indus Health Network Medical Directorate
Arif Ali Manager Pharmacy
Rehana Akber Ali Manager Nursing Education Services
Mansoor Ahmed Abbasi Senior Manager Administration
Dr. Syed Ghazanfar Saleem Consultant/ Clinical Lead Emergency
Syed Mujeeb Maqbool Manager Nutrition and Food Services
Dr. Muhammad Junaid Patel Senior Consultant/ Head Internal Medicine
Pervaiz Ahmed Executive Director Communication and Resource Development
Hamna Akhtar General Manager Human Resources
Dr. Farah Naz Administrator, Sheikh Saeed Memorial Hospital Administration
Dr. Fozia Asif Manager Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Muhammad Ghayas Jilani Senior Manager Maintenance
BeenaBhamani Senior Manager Nursing
Dr. Samia Shuja Senior Consultant/ Head Gynecology and Obstetrics
Sikandar Abubakar Senior Manager and Advisor Biomedical
Fahim Uddin Manager Pharmacy
Nazir Ali Bachlani Manager Operation Theatre and central sterile services
Dr. Anwarul Haque Senior Consultant, Pediatric Intensivist Pediatrics
Lieutenant Colonel (R) Ahmed Ali Manager Safety and Security